These small but appetising ‘one-bites’ will calm down any hunger or sugar cravings, should you get a snack attack.  Simple to make, they will only take you around 5 minutes to make before you pop one into your mouth. Nuts of course are good for your fibre intake, orange for Vitamin C, and dates are packed with antioxidants to fight off infections and disease.

Serves: 24 ‘one bites’ or 12 larger ones to have with a coffee break. No added sugar.

Prep Time:   15 minutes

Cook Time:  No cook!

Suitable for: V, GF, SF



1 large ripe orange or 3 satsumas, clementines or mandarins

250g pack of mixed nuts, or simply hazelnuts

10 pitted medjool dates

1tbsp (heaped) smooth natural peanut butter

½tsp ground cinnamon

Optional: pure cacao powder or coconut to roll the balls in! Check your coconut packet to ensure that it does not contain any added sugar. You can buy sugar free versions in supermarkets and health food shops.



  1. Cut oranges or other fruit in half and squeeze as much juice out as possible. Set aside.
  2. In a food processor, blitz the nuts until they are roughly chopped.
  3. Add dates, orange juice, peanut butter and cinnamon and blitz until finely broken down, but not too ‘wet’. You still want to feel the bite of the nuts when you eat them.
  4. Roll into the size of ball you want, then, if using cacao or coconut, roll the balls into that.



You can make these balls in advance and freeze them. Just make sure you don’t pack your container too full otherwise they may stick together!


Nutrition: Calories: 98 per small ball


Written by Bev Walton, BSc Nutritional Science

I achieved a First-Class Honours degree in BSc Nutritional Science, Nutrition Sciences from the University of Reading and now have over 35 years experience in all types of cuisine, dietary plans, recipe development, health and nutrition. I have been writing for over 10 years for magazines and websites as well as ghostwriting for ebooks, Kindle and fully published books. I’m also a proud member of the Guild of Food writers.

Bev Walton | University of Reading BSc Nutritional Science, Nutrition Sciences

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