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Eating for Sleep

4 week rolling programme

Designed to help you improve your sleep. The plans in this program include meals that are rich in l-tryptophan, an amino acid required for the production of serotonin. It also includes foods that have a high serotonin and melatonin content and those that are rich in other nutrients important for sleep; magnesium, vitamin B12 and calcium.



4 week rolling programme

Provides expert guidance and offers variety and new recipes for a gluten-free diet. The plans are full of meals that feature naturally gluten-free grains such as rice, quinoa, as well as gluten-free pasta and bread. We ensure your diet is rich in fibre through the inclusion of a variety of fruit and vegetables, pulses and legumes and boasts a variety of protein sources and healthy fats.

25 minute meals programme with The Meal Planners

25-min Meals

4 week rolling programme

Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle and little time for cooking and meal prep. The plans feature a range of recipes that can be made in less than 25 minutes, using a variety of grains, fruit and veg, protein and healthy fats. We feature breakfasts that can be made the night before, lunch ideas for prepping before the day begins and snacks that can be batch baked.



4 week rolling programme

For those new to dairy-free with expert guidance and offers variety and new recipes to those who’ve followed a dairy-free diet previously. The plans are full of meals that use dairy-milk and produce alternatives but also many that have no need for dairy ingredients. The plans feature meals to boost your protein, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and potassium intake in the absence of dairy.


Diabetes Management

4 week rolling programme

This is designed to help manage diabetes and prediabetes, balancing blood sugar and helping you to maintain a healthy weight. The plans feature recipes and snacks that are packed with fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean white meat, low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, seeds and pulses. The plans are high in fibre and low in saturated animal fat, replacing this with heart-healthy fats from oily fish, nuts and seeds.


High Cholesterol

4 week rolling programme

Created to help lower levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and boost levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, and in doing so reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Featuring recipes and snacks that are packed with fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean white meat, low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, seeds and pulses. The plans are high in fibre and low in saturated animal fat, replacing this with heart-healthy fats from oily fish, nuts and seeds.

Healthy Habits - Getting Started<br />

Healthy Habits – Getting Started

4 week rolling programme

Not everyone is ready for a 7-day healthy eating programme, so why not try out our starter programme. Choose 3-days in your week to make these recipes and take your first steps to creating healthier habits and enjoying a more nutritious and healthier daily diet.
Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

4 week rolling programme

Full of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, wholegrains, fish and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. Red meat and dairy are used sparingly. It’s rich in fibre and healthy fats, low in saturated fats, full of vitamins and minerals, and great for heart health and all round wellness.

Boost Gut Health

4 week rolling programme

Enjoy delicious and nutritious recipes that have been selected for their gut health benefits. A variety of meals that combine nutrients essential for a healthy and happy gut, including fermented foods, probiotic-rich ingredients, fibre-rich prebiotic foods and healthy fats.
Support Exercise Recovery<br />

Support Exercise Recovery

4 week rolling programme

Ensure your body is recovering at its very best from exercise; replenish muscle fuel stores and promote muscle repair with this programme. Rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats, vitamin C, D, zinc and calcium, this collection of recipes will help you to maximise your recover ready for the next session.
Support Muscle Strength<br />

Support Muscle Strength

4 week rolling programme

Fuel your body before and after training sessions with the right nutrition to support your goals with this programme. Delicious meals packed with protein, good quality carbs, healthy fats and providing good sources of vitamins and minerals essential for muscular repair; magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.
Support Male and Female Fertility<br />

Support Male and Female Fertility

4 week rolling programme

Good nutrition is an essential foundation when trying to conceive. Boost your chances of conception by making ensuring your diet is rich in important nutrients for both partners; folic acid and omega-3 for her, vitamin C, arginine and carnitine for him, and zinc, selenium, vitamin D, E, and beta carotene for him and her.
Post-Natal Nutrition

Post-Natal Nutrition

4 week rolling programme

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of healing, replenishment, and recovery after having a baby. Good nutrition helps the body to heal following birth and supports the increased demands on it from having a newborn. This programme features recipes that are quick to make and rich in nutrients vital to postpartum health and vitality including protein, healthy fats, iron and vitamin B12.

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Why use the Health Coach Programmes?

Struggle with sleep, manage your diabetes, or find it hard to lower the amount of cholesterol in your diet?

We’ve created a selection of expert-curated health programmes that provide a variety of meals that are created for you in just a few seconds.

  • All our programmes are created by a certified Nutritionist
  • Take the stress out of planning your meals
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  • Exclude any problem food items with ease using your preference settings
  • Save time and money quickly creating healthy and nutritious meals with less waste


“Having a food sensitivity often means you need to eliminate certain foods from your diet. This can leave you puzzled at how to eat varied and balanced meals which are essential for general nutrition and well being.

Using our online meal planner can help to ensure you have a balanced and healthy diet.”

Sian Baker

Head of Health and Nutrition Services
& Certified Nutritional Therapist

Meal planning, personalised.

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