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Our customer support team love to hear your stories and feedback. We’re always looking at ways to improve or new items to add to our tests. Below is just a handful of recent feedback that we’ve been left. 

Please note: None of the customers below were given free gifts or money to write their testimonial.


This test is fantastic! It took a little for my mom and I to get our results back but it was worth it. We have both modified our diets and feel so much better! We just ordered three more for the rest of our family members. Definitely recommend it if you have a sensitive stomach like we do!

Kelsey W

Sending everything was really easy and we got our results in about a week. We sent in samples for the whole family and it was really interesting to see what we were sensitive to. My son always grumbled when I prepared certain meals and it turns out that he was sensitive to the main ingredients. He is thrilled he has proof I shouldn’t feed him those things! I’m going to have to get creative about meals that can satisfy all of us but it’s great information. I can’t way to see how we are all feeling in 6 months time.

Deena M


It coincided with my allergies and health issues. Very impressed!

Sharon C

Purchased before for family now doing it for myself because my sister says it has changed her life.



Very understandable and comprehensive information, confirming what I already knew, so I’m inclined to take the new information from my Platinum test seriously! Highly recommend this test.

Laura A

Results came pretty quick. Results were very eye-opening! I’m going to try eliminating some of these foods from my diet and see if I feel any changes. Customer service was great as well.

Deena M


Great information and so easy to complete the process. Great value.

Kelsey W

Really love this! I have had some food sensitivities and have stayed away from those foods with good results. However, I was still not feeling my best and wasn’t able to determine on my own which ones were bothering me most. This test was so insightful and picked up on the ones I already knew I was sensitive to, as well as showed me some other ones that made so much sense once I realized what they were! Would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of some answers or new directions to try in terms of food sensitivities. This has been so helpful for me and my family!!

Teresa M

I was aware of what some of the results would be, mainly food sensitivities. But, seeing some other results brought my attention to the fact that these foods are a problem. I felt that the results were very accurate. I am a nurse so was able to really understand the entire experience.

Sharon N

The process was very easy and I got the results back surprisingly quick. The report was very informative and detailed.

Wilma K


Took about a week and a half total. My gluten and dairy intolerances as well as many others showed up. Very interesting and informative. I’m happy I purchased this.

Carla F

I felt that it was very thorough and informative. I’ve already ordered another one to try myself!

Sandi K


The test they sent was very comprehensive. Their suggestions were very interesting. I have started to wean myself off of foods that I am reactive to. I hope that this helps me.


So impressed with the report – I knew I was sensitive to some things that showed up because your body can tell you. Some of the things that came up on the report I had never heard of !

Sharon H

Would recommend very detailed and useful

Lacey D

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