Bioresonance Testing

What is Bioresonance Testing?

Bioresonance therapy is one of a number of procedures including homeopathy, acupuncture and other naturopathic procedures within the area of empirical healing.

The fundamental principles of the following hypothesis for bioresonance therapy have been confirmed by the latest discoveries in quantum mechanics and biophysics, but have not yet been accepted by current expert opinion within orthodox medicine.

Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy which involves placing electrodes on your skin for diagnosis and treatment. The electrodes are connected to a Bicom machine which checks the energy wavelengths coming from your body, and then counteracts bad frequencies by restoring the optimum balance.


Our laboratories & technology: Our bioresonance equipment is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.ce.

While Bioresonance is becoming more popular by the day, there are still a significant amount of people who are not yet aware of how this technology can help them improve their health and get rid of toxins, parasites, bacteria and other pathogenic compounds located in their bodies.

Why we use Bioresonance testing

Our bioresonance testing uses hair samples to test against 970 food and non-food items. Hair is used for these reasons:

  • Easy to take sample – We only require a small hair sample which you can take at home
  • Test more items – Bioresonance testing allows us to test against a larger number of items
  • Fast turnaround – Testing is completed quickly and efficiently
  • Low cost – Hair testing is relatively fast process in our lab which allows us to pass these savings onto our customers

The history of Bioresonance testing

Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. Initially they marketed it as ‘MORA therapy’ (MOrell + RAsche). The concept of bioresonance is that the machine’s electromagnetic waves create a resonance in our body’s cells which, in turn, brings about the desired effects.

Similar to other electronic medical devices, BioResonance is a safe and gentle, non-invasive alternative therapeutic technique designed on the premise that all particles of matter generate electromagnetic energy. In humans and other animals, this electromagnetic energy is continually resonating out from the body in oscillations of varying wavelengths and frequencies, which can be detected, amplified, graphed, and examined.

Since its emergence in the 1970s, BioResonance techniques have been used globally, in countries such as Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Russia, to diagnose disease and to promote healing by normalising the body’s unique electromagnetic characteristics and frequency patterns. Given that the technique is non-invasive and not linked with any potential side effects, it has become increasingly popular as an alternative tool for aiding in diagnosis, particularly among children. In fact, the electrodes used to collection information may be attached on the outside of light clothing, rather than being applied directly to the skin, which can be anxiety-provoking for some children and adults.

Evidence from studies examining the therapeutic impact of electromagnetic fields is promising and provides support for the potential benefits of BioResonance in the promotion of healing. More specifically, pulsed electromagnetic fields, which uses alternating electrical fields to create a flow of pulsed energy, have been used to successfully treat osteoarthritis and to promote healing within fractured bone tissue [1, 2].

1) Aaron RK, Ciombor DM, Simon BJ. Treatment of nonunions with electric and electromagnetic fileds. Clin Orthop Relat Res 2004;419:21-29.

2) Ripley RT, Gajdos C, Reppert AE, et al. Sequential radiofrequency ablation and surgical debulking for unresectable colorectal carcinoma: Thermo-surgical ablation. J Surg Oncol 2013;107:144-147.

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Key Facts

Bioresonance therapy and testing is categorised as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).
This is a diverse group of therapies, practices and products, which fall outside of conventional medicine or healthcare. 

Our Equipment is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485.

Every test includes our Customer promise, 100% Moneyback guarantee* (*Terms and conditions apply)

We have a 98% customer satisfaction on the last 30,000 tests.

Bioresonance is classed as a complementary and alternative medicine.

Results do not substantiate a medical diagnosis, nor is it intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Bioresonance tests lack sufficient clinical papers regarding intolerances or allergies.

Research and supporting documents

A growing number of people are discovering the benefits of bioresonance therapy. Although bioresonance tests lack sufficient clinical papers, below is a selection of research papers intended to educate and inform about the efficacy of bioresonance. 

Please remember, if you are seriously ill or believe you have a medical condition, we advise you to consult with your GP immediately.

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAMS)

Our food sensitivity tests are carried out using bioresonance therapy and is categorised under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) which covers a wide range of therapies that fall outside mainstream medicine. Tests and related information provided do not make a medical diagnosis nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider if you have a medical condition or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and/or medical symptoms.

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