Health and Vitality

Transform your diet in 90 days

Our health and vitality programme is unique to you.

Your health and vitality are intrinsically linked to what you eat. Without the right nutrition for you and your lifestyle you can find yourself struggling to manage health conditions, low in energy or fatigued, highly stressed and even feeling burnt out.

To improve all of these things, your diet needs to be as individual as you are. Health Hub+ programmes are tailored to support you and your body to feel and be better.

Who is this for?

This programme aims to give you the support you need to optimise your health and be the best version of you. That can mean general health and vitality or managing a particular condition.

Health Hub+ will understand you in order to ensure you have the individualised support, advice and guidance to make you the best you can be. What makes Health Hub+ different is you

Once you have completed your profile and your blood test, your 1:2:1 consultation with your nutritional therapist will ensure you have the right daily diet for you.

Your programme works in harmony with your body, fits your lifestyle and helps you reach your goals.

Your personalised nutrition will help you to make dietary choices that are right for you and help to improve your overall health and vitality for the long term.

Our package and pricing

Health and Vitality




Nutritional therapy consultations: 1x 50-min, 2x 20-min

Personalised and relevant advice that is underpinned by evidence-based nutrition research

Smart dashboard access anywhere anytime

My Healthful Weekly

Weekly seasonal recipes

Useful and relevant resources

What’s included?

Nutritional Therapy

 Your own dedicated personal registered nutritional therapist
 Advice specific to you and your lifestyle
 Actionable health tasks and goals after every consultation

Smart Dashboard

 Fill in your profile including symptoms, health and medical conditions, stress, diet, lifestyle
 Book your consultations at a time to suit you
  Attend your consultations
 Consult your health tasks and goals
 Get weekly updates
 Consult and download your test results report
 View your meal planner and/or weekly seasonal recipes


Comprehensive test assessing 36 blood markers – Find out more
Liver and kidney function, blood health, cholesterol, HbA1c, iron, ferritin, vitamin D and vitamin B12
In-depth results report
 Follow-up GP red flag email

Exclusive Programme-Related Content

Ongoing updates and My Healthful Weekly newsletter

Delve deeper into key areas of nutrition


Weekly delicious, seasonal recipes
Helping you to expand your repertoire in the kitchen
Inspires variety
Enables you to experiment with new dishes and flavours

What happens during a consultation?

 The initial consultation is an opportunity for the nutritional therapist to discuss and further understand your needs. They may ask questions around the information you provided in your profile.
 Once your needs, goals and situation are understood your nutritional therapist will advise you on how best you can be supported to achieve your goals. All the advice you receive will be relevant, realistic and specific to your circumstances and dietary requirements.
 The nutritional therapist will put together your health tasks, which will enable progression towards your goals.
 In certain circumstances the nutritional therapist may recommend further blood testing in order to enable further analysis. This will be discussed with you during the consultation.
 The follow-up consultations allow the nutritional therapist to monitor your progress, ensure you are moving towards your health goals and tasks and make any changes required along the way.

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