Vitamin packs personalized for you.

Persona Nutrition’s team of experts cut through the hype and
with doctor-approved recommendations.

We have teamed up with Persona Nutrition to offer personalized vitamin packs.

The Persona team of experts cut through the hype and confusion with doctor-approved recommendations.

We are offering an introductory 50% OFF your first order.

    Helping you to a healthier

    and happy life

    Check My Body Health was born from a passion to help people understand their health.

    Thousands of people are suffering with a range of different symptoms that may be misinterpreted for years. Over time they may slowly give way to a host of other problems, including fatigue, depression and severe gut issues and it seems impossible to get any answers from doctors, beyond a repeat prescription.

    You’re unique. Your supplements should be too. Persona Nutrition will carefully look at your gender, age, diet, allergies, lifestyle factors as well as current health conditions to ensure the vitamins and supplements we recommend are exactly what you need, nothing more or less.

    By taking into account your previous answers, we ask only questions that are specific to your needs, offering you the least amount of questions in the most comprehensive way. Plus, Persona are the only personalized nutrition company that cross references more than 850 prescription medications to help you avoid risky drug-nutrient interactions and drug-nutrient depletions.

    Using well-known databases, government research sites, scholarly journals, and education sites, we stay up to date on the latest research for ingredients to help with specific health conditions. Combining that with our Medical Advisory Board’s personal knowledge and experience with patients, we have created the next level of nutrition personalization with the safest and most comprehensive online questionnaire available.