Published Dec 22, 2020

Another power breakfast that hits the spot in terms of nutritional content. Oats are heart-healthy, and even though this breakfast is a little on the sweet side, it is a complete powerhouse of nutrients that will energise you for the whole day.

Serves: 1 jar

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Rest Time: N/A

Dietary: Vegan



50g rolled oats

1 ginger biscuit (bashed into a fine crumble)

1tbsp flax seeds

20g sultanas

½tsp ground cinnamon

¼tsp mixed spice

Zest and juice of half an orange

1tbsp, maple syrup

50g carrot, finely grated

250ml unsweetened coconut milk



  1. Tip the oats, flax seeds, sultanas and spices into a mixing bowl and pour over the orange juice and zest, maple syrup, grated carrot and coconut milk.
  2. Mix all of these ingredients well before adding in ¾ of your crumbled ginger biscuit and mixing that through too.
  3. Add to a mason or jam jar and store in your fridge overnight.
  4. Serve the next day, topping with the remaining ginger biscuit as well as a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. The perfect start to the day during the festivities!


Nutritional Values:

Per jar: Calories 455Kcal

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